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THE 3 M’S OF MONEY: How to Manage, Multiply and Maintain Your Money – eBook   FREE

The 3 M’s of Money is the Secret to Financial Success!
Find out how a former financial failure discovered the principles of money success. In this revealing tell-all, Jamaican Money Coach, Cherryl Hanson Simpson shares the success steps that you need to learn and live by, if you want to win in the game of money.

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MORE MONEY! 101 Money Making Ideas – MP3   FREE

There are dozens of different ways to earn extra income, but many people are not aware of them.
This eye-opening mp3 will expose you to the world of opportunities that is right in front of you.
Learn how to turn your everyday assets into profit!

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Everything you need to know about budgeting can be found in this indispensable money management tool:

Learn all the steps you need to effectively itemise all your expenses;
Get 12 monthly budget worksheets to help you track your spending for a year;
Plan for all your budgetary needs throughout your financial life cycle.


MAKING $EN$E OF MONEY – Educational Series

All the basic elements of understanding how money works are included in this ground-breaking training series. Step by step guides on recognising money, counting and adding money, understanding money values, and spending money are provided in this multi-faceted resource package.

Suitable for children in levels Kinder – Grade 4, and students in special needs programmes.

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