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Buying Your Own Home – An Action Plan
Jamaica Real Estate Guide Interview

Owning a home is one of the biggest dreams for most persons. However, many people never succeed in getting their own homes because they neglect to work out a plan of action to attain their goals. Listen to this Jamaica Real Estate Guide interview and learn some of the important steps involved in planning for home ownership.


Financial Wellness At Work
BusinessSuiteTV Interview

What happens when financially challenged people go to work? Do they leave their money worries at home? Listen to this BusinessSuiteTV interview to learn what can happen when employees’ personal financial problems spill over into the workplace.


Bartering – Great for Business
BusinessSuiteTV Interview

In these times when finding extra cash is challenging, we have to become creative to maintain our standard of living. What if there was another way to get products and services without having to spend money? Listen to this BusinessSuiteTV interview to learn about the benefits of bartering for business.